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Avyan Consulting’s prime focus is to build upon its expertise in helping medium to large ize enterprises embrace Cloud Computing.

Apart from the fact that the company is involved in numerous consulting projects, the founders want to take some time in collating a few leanings (of course use cases from the consulting assignments would not be directly quoted). Please treat these posts as a mechanism to interact with all of our readers and of course, definitely as a tool to keep the leanings progressive.

We invite our readers to comment back and be interactive as much as virtually possible to keep us honest.

Of course, it goes without saying, these posts are made by a set of individuals who are passionate in shaping the world, influencing and filling the void space around them with all geeky, cryptic, cloud passion spilling out. They would love your feedback and would love to be introduced to your social circle.

Let’s rock together!

Thanks for stopping by…

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