Serverless Computing – What’s out there?

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The topic of Serverless Infrastructure is piquing interest with the enterprise folks. Although a long way to go for them, but the early adopters are all over the map. Quick search on Twitter and Reddit Serverless shows that this topic is exploding.

In late 2015, published a blog on Serverless framework that caught my attention. Since then, my colleagues and I are feeling excited about immense opportunities in this space. We started playing around and recently published a POC and a sponsored whitepaper (currently only available under NDA).

Nevertheless, here’s a quick and summarized index of publicly available information

What is Serverless Computing?

I’m not going to coin a definition, but instead point you to the intersting discussion threads


Notable hosting options for your code execution in cloud

  • Amazon Lamda in combination with AWS API Gateway – Run code without thinking about servers. Pay for only the compute time you consume
  • Google Cloud functions: a lightweight, event-based, asynchronous compute solution that allows you to create small, single-purpose functions that respond to cloud events without the need to manage a server or a runtime environment.
  • Serverless Framework – Build and maintain web, mobile and IoT applications running on AWS Lambda and API Gateway (formerly known as JAWS)
  • Apex: Built on top of AWS lambda, supporting Python, NodeJS, Golang and Java.
  • Not a full framework as yet, but the underpinnings seem to be there. Their platform shows promise
  • Microsoft Azure: [Update 3/31/2016: @nirmsk and other friends at Azure , announced a new preview service Azure Functions]. No serverless frameworks options as yet, but we think they will soon release one. But here are a and a few other options as well … WebJobs, Azure Automation, Azure ML running python and R scripts.

Factors influencing Serverless Infrastructure

A notable influencer, an avid blogger and a mentor of sorts has recently blogged about the 5 factors fueling Serverless computing


How will Continuous Delivery work for Serverless?



Some notable Github repos

From Serverless
Curated list of frameworks and solutions



One thought on “Serverless Computing – What’s out there?

  1. Hi.
    Today you (and I) participated on a BrightTALK “GDPR seminar”. Hopefully you will get (and respond) to this email reach-out from me.

    If you felt like I did, that today’s session with HP Enterprise, Blue Talon, Imperva and (host) Mark Chapin, on BrightTALK, was a total waste of time, we should talk.

    I asked four (4) questions, all ignored, to try to get the session to discuss what they were supposed to discuss: “inadequate solutions to address data-centric security to comply with the GDPR”, and heard nothing
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    I have made reach-outs to India, here in North America, in Europe etc. – in the last 6 months – but never hear back.
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    ASMG have an offering to show a way to secure data, deal with the data ontologies / data models, etc. interest’ stage.

    Today, ASMG – as an 18+ year contributor to the Object Management Group (OMG), the data standards body of undoubted integrity – have authored the world’s leading standards effort for data-centric security, the OMG’s
    Information Exchange Framework (IEF) Reference Architecture (RA), and its underlying ontology / data model, the Information Exchange Policy-based Packaging Vocabulary (IEPPV).
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    I feel this (and something like this) should have been discussed today.

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